prayerFORCE is the name for our dedicated prayer partners. These are people who are committed to lifting up this new church—its vision, the people, the leaders, the community—in prayer. We call prayer our primary work, and we mean it. Prayer is the tool we have been given to connect with God, to seek God’s will, to praise God for what God is doing, and to place our desires before God, knowing that’s the best spot for our dreams to be!

Its a serious commitment. Your commitment is essential. We are looking for a team committed to praying daily or weekly. This is not a superficial request made as a courtesy. We are asking for a very purposeful, serious commitment to pray for this church plant, and for Carmen and Scott as co-pastors, co-planters, and as a couple.

Take your time and think about it. If you sense God is calling you to this work of prayer, join the prayerFORCE!