The church we are planting is a “Covenant” church. We are supported by the Evangelical Covenant Church, and believe strongly in the ECC’s Affirmations. If you would like to know more about who the Covenant is and what the Covenant believes, read on!

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Evangelical Covenant Church
The Evangelical Covenant Church seeks to form and nurture communities that are deeply committed to Jesus Christ and passionately engaged in Christ’s mission in the world.

Pacific Northwest Conference
This is our conference, and includes Oregon, Montana, Idaho, and Washington.

explore the core beliefs of the Evangelical Covenant Church

The purpose of Covenant Affirmations is to make clear the values and principles that have guided the Evangelical Covenant Church since its founding in 1885. (from the ECC website)

Afirmaciones del Pacto: ¿Qué cree la Iglesia del Pacto?
Covenant Affirmations: What does the Covenant Church believe?

Explore the core beliefs of the ECC in shorter brochure format:
What Does the Covenant Church Believe? (brief version)
Afirmaciones del Pacto (versión corto)

ECC resolutions

Freedom in Christ is a key foundation of the ECC. However, many issues that face all people today challenge us to take a stance on political and ethical issues. These issues include creation care, abortion, human sexuality, human trafficking, poverty, to name just a few. The Covenant Commission on Christian Action works collaboratively to address these issues in a way which coalesces Biblical and theological thinking. The resulting resolutions are non-binding, but they do provide excellent perspective adopted by delegate vote in the Covenant’s highest decision making body (at the Annual Meeting). Find more information about these resolutions and links to each Resolution currently in action at the Covenant Resolutions Page.
Resolutions particularly informative to the work Bridge is doing are:

1995 Resolution on Racial Reconciliation
2008 Resolution on Racial Righteousness
Resolution on Immigration (and Resources)

women in ministry

This booklet, created by the Commission on Biblical Gender Equality (BGE) of the ECC, provides Biblical basis and affirmation for women in ministry. Using a question-and-answer format, this document provides a tool both for individual study and for us in churches and families. (from ECC website)

Dotada y Llamada por Dios
Called & Gifted
“Called & Gifted” video (updated 2009)

covenant resource papers

Covenant Resource Paper is a teaching document designed to provide context and clarity for Covenant churches on critical issues of concern in matters of faith, doctrine, and conduct. Resource papers:
• Seek to apply biblical teaching to critical issues in the context of the historical character and ongoing missional identity of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
• Exist to inform discipleship and practice in the life of Covenant people without rising to the level of creed, confession, or binding doctrine.
• Provide a uniform way for the church as a whole to provide communal discernment to those issues that are most critical in our journey as people who follow Jesus Christ.

2008 | The Covenant Church and the Bible

2011 | The Covenant Church and The Ministry of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice
La Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico y El Ministerio de Compasión, Misericordia, y Justicia

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