our name

We are Bridge, (or Puente) Covenant Church. Our logo communicates not the physical image of a bridge, but instead the strength and grace of an arc which connects people with people and people with God.

our values


The Bible, prayer, worship, service, shared ministry, freedom, and reconciliationSee our values page for more details!


Our vision states how we hope to live out the Mission of the Church. From 2 Corinthians 5.14-19, we are compelled to be messengers of reconciliation for the new community in Jesus. The Church is called to follow Jesus, and in so doing to model what the Kingdom of God can look like in our community. We call the Kingdom of God the “new community in Jesus”, because it is in Jesus that we see transformation, the power of love, the call to see each other differently, and people dedicated to sharing the message of reconciliation—that God seeks relationship with us despite our consistent wrongdoing—with each other and with our neighbors, our friends, our family, and our co-workers. 

our story

You could say Bridge Covenant started long ago, with God’s creation of a world with endless variety. The story of God is completed with a redeemed creation bursting with worship for our creative God, worship in every tongue from every nation. Puente is the response to God’s call to announce the Kingdom of God, and that Kingdom is not one color, one language, one culture, one style, or one-dimension. In NE Salem, our communities are divided. At Bridge, we seek to model and share a community which is working to reconcile. We hope that vision resonates with you, because we would love to have you share who you are with us!

our language

We initially meant to connect and serve the Spanish- and English-speaking communities in Salem. (But, recently we noticed 10 nations can be found on some Sundays at Bridge!) Many of us are bilingual, some trilingual, many of us are learning. All of us want our community to have the opportunity to speak and hear their heart language. While our gatherings are no longer bilingual, we sing in Spanish and English, and many of our printed materials include translations. This gives this new community in Jesus a richness and variety beautiful to the ear.


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