Does something stir inside you when you read what is happening at Bridge? Is the vision of Bridge a vision God has given you? You can support this ministry! If you sense God would like you to give to Bridge, here’s how. Send your support to:

Bridge Covenant Church
PO Box 131
Salem OR 97308



ECC Online GivingWe work closely with our denomination’s Online Giving Portal, providing you a safe and flexible way for you to support the ministry of Bridge Covenant Church.


some thoughts on tithing

Tithing is worship. It is a very important response to God, acknowledging what God has done and what God is doing. Tithing is an action which forms and practices the belief that all we have comes from God. Difficult as it is, we try not to claim certain things as “mine” and others as “God’s”. Instead, we attempt to respond to God by acknowledging that, as our Lord, everything we have is already God’s, and we offer it back so the work of sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ can move forward.

  • Tithing is an act of faith: faith that God has and will meet our needs.
  • Tithing is an act of worship: telling the truth about who is responsible for all that we have.
  • Tithing is an act of service: seeking to meet the needs of the community.

In Luke 21, a poor widow slips 2 small coins into the offering. Around her, the wealthy give out of their surplus. Jesus says her offering is beautiful because she gives sacrificially. May we all do the same!

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