(small-er groups)

FORWARD groups use a simple, powerful model for growth which focuses on community, transformation, and multiplying followers of Jesus.

›❯❯ FORWARD groups meet once a week for about an hour
›❯❯ FORWARD groups meet in 2s or 3s (a 4th person is the beginning of a 2nd group)
›❯❯ FORWARD groups are not coed
›❯❯ there is no curriculum, workbook, or training involved
›❯❯ there is no leader needed in the group
›❯❯ Only 3 tasks are to be accomplished:

  1. Sin is confessed to one another for mutual accountability.
  2. The Bible is read repetitively, in its entire context, and in community.
  3. People are prayed for strategically, specifically, and continuously.

Please contact Bridge for more information about FORWARD.
We also have a downloadable resource for FORWARD groups (8.5″ x 14″).